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The First Step To Better Your Health Is Right Here At Mugavero Chiropractic of Haverhill!

Welcome and Congratulations

Congratulations on your decision of taking the first step to better health. We will guide you through each step of our 5 step process of becoming a new patient. Please feel free to reference this section, or our entire website at any time of your new patient process.
Yours Truly, Dr. Mugavero - Your Corrective Care Chiropractor in Haverhill, MA.


Step 1

We strive to make your first visit to our office a comfortable experience. Our receptionist will welcome you and ask you to complete your intake forms. These forms will give us important information about you and your condition. The doctor will then spend sometime asking you specific questions about your condition to determine if chiropractic care is right for you. If so, a modern evaluation will be performed... 




Step 2

The Chiropractor will perform a laser-guided 3D body view, a Posture Screening on the iPad, a computerized scan of your spinal nerves and other important postural, neurological, orthopedic, and physical examinations. This important information will allow the doctor to have a better understanding of your condition and how chiropractic can help you. If needed, the doctor may take x-rays or refer you for other specialized testing.




Step 3

Your next visit, known as your "Report of Findings" visit, is critical.  During this important time with the Chiropractor all of your questions will be answered.  All of your scans and x-rays will be reviewed and the Chiropractor will discuss your best plan of action to get you feeling & functioning better as quickly as possible. 




Step 4

Following your Report of Findings your care will begin.  Congratulations!!  You're in good hands...




Step 5

Many patients will get relief from the very first adjustment! Chiropractic adjustments are gentle enough for kids yet will restore movement and function for the athlete and senior citizen alike. Our office participates in many different insurance programs; we also work with auto insurance and workers compensation cases. We offer no obligation consultations and can help you directly with insurance forms. For patients with no insurance coverage a flexible payment plan can be developed.



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I love the way I feel after an adjustment. I go every month for wellness and on some occasions have gone more when I have hurt my back. I always come out of the office feeling better than when I went in!


My experience at Mugavero Chiropractic was simply wonderful. I have been suffering from daily headaches for years and all my doctor wanted to do was give me more medications. The side effects of the medications were worse then my daily headaches. I was referred to Dr. Mugavero from one of my coworkers. She told me he was excellent and took his time to understand my concerns. The biggest thing I enjoyed was not being viewed as simply a headache and was seen as a person.

Dr. Mugavero took X-rays that revealed the issues in my neck causing my headaches. I was involved in a car accident years earlier and thought I wasn't hurt. I went to the ER and was told that nothing was broken or bleeding so I was OK. Well, Dr. Mugavero described to me that due to the car accident the curve in my neck is going in the wrong direction and placing stress on my nerves.

I've been a patient for 3 months and my headaches are 95% gone! I am off all medications and when I went to my doctor he told me that he had heard chiropractic was good for that. Why didn't he tell me about that??

Jeffrey Roistacher

Dr. Mugavero is a life saver! I was having terrible pain in my neck following a car accident last year. I was given pain pills, muscle relaxers, and steroids to help with my pain but with 2 small kids that made things worse. I went to Mugavero Chiropractic because my attorney thought I needed something more to help me with my injuries. Well, this was simply the best experience I have ever had with a doctor. The office is modern and clean and the staff could not have been more accommodating.
My daughter was in the accident with me as well and Dr. Mugavero checked her out. It turns out that she had some injuries as well but at 9 years old I didn't think she could go to a chiropractor. I was shocked to see so many children getting adjusted and Dr. Mugavero told me his 2 boys get adjusted regularly and love it.
I would give 5 stars for my experience and VERY happy I found this office!

Heidi Kaye

Everyone at Mugavero Chiropractic is fantastic! Dr Mugavero, Caitlyn and Julie are always smiling, easy to talk to and eager to help! I am a chiropractic patient, however they have also assisted me with knee pain. I love the mix of chiropractic & physical therapy treatment sessions. It makes the experience very unique! I would recommend this place to any one!


I have been seeing Dr. Mugavero and Caitlyn for neck pain, back pain, and headaches. I always leave feeling relief as well as having new knowledge of exercises I can do every day to help keep things feeling great. Thanks for always making me feel better and for being flexible with scheduling!

Michelle S.

I never would have thought in a million years that my lack of a sense of smell would be helped with a few adjustments. Just a couple cracks of the neck and I can breathe easy, smell and taste my food again! Richard Mugavero is passionate and experienced as a chiropractor he is helpful and answers all my questions, visiting a chiropractor for the first time that was really important to me. The office is nice and clean and the staff is friendly, helpful, and attentive. I recommend this practice to everyone that has any type of ailment, because I have learned that it could probably be fixed with an adjustment.

Christine M.

I am very pleased with the service and treatment that I'm receiving at Mugavero Chiropractic of Haverhill. They are a professional team that are committed to great customer service and providing the best care possible. I recommend them for your chiropractic care!

Denise M.

I came in for a massage due to a pulled muscle. I got a consultation and realized that my problem was bigger than I thought. I had always had lower back pain but never really did anything about it. I did 6 weeks of chiropractic and physical therapy and was starting to get some relief from my everyday pain. Now 2 years later, I am on a monthly visit and have never felt better in my life. My lower back pain is very infrequent and some days non-existent. The exercises I was taught to help strengthen have worked very well. They have several methods to help with the pain that work very well. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They seem to really care about their patients. I was very nervous about letting someone adjust me but now I look forward to it every month!!! I highly recommend coming in if you have any pain.

Melissa A.

I cannot say enough about the people at Mugavero Chiropractic. I have suffered with neck pain for years but since I have been going to Mugavero Chiropractic in Haverhill I can honestly say I am managing my pain without medication. All the staff are highly professional and I highly recommend this business to anyone who is in need of pain relief.

Charlene W

I highly recommend Mugavero Chiropractic. I am currently a chiropractic patient here and have been a physical therapy patient, also. My back and health have never been better! They are very thorough and professional. Mugavero Chiropractic's goal is to get you better and get you back on the road to recovery.

Renee B.

A true God send. I have been going to chiropractors all of my adult life and NEVER have I had the care, treatment and ease of scheduling!

Tippy M.

Right after I got into an accident I came to Dr. Mugavero. From the moment I first came in the door they were all very attentive, friendly, patient and really made me feel a whole lot better. After I got into my 2nd car accident of course they were the only ones I wanted to go to. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mugavero to anyone with a spine!!

Alexandra M.

I have devoted the last 20 years studying the best methods for staying healthy naturally. I would only trust my own spinal care to the best which is why I trust Dr. Mugavero to keep me at my best!! I recommend him whole-heartedly--you'll be back on track and playing at your highest level!

Dr. Christopher R. Condon

Going to this Chiropractor has been such a great experience. I feel different inside and out. I had a lot of pain in my neck and back, but it's completely gone. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Mugavero Chiropractic. The staff is always in good spirits. This is the place to be, love it!

Tembi P

I've been going to Mugavero Chiropractic to treat my migraines for almost 3 years. Before this time, my family and I had spent close to six years trying to figure out a cure for them and never found one. I had missed close to 60 days of my sophomore year, countless family gatherings, and had spent hours on the couch dizzy. Flash forward to 2012. My mom had been visiting the practice for back and neck issues because she was using a computer frequently at work. She had an epiphany one day and thought, "Hey, Em! Maybe Dr. Mugavero can help you with your migraines!" So I had a consultation and some X-rays. Turns out my neck was completely out of whack and I had poor posture! This caused pinched nerves in my neck, which in turn caused the migraines! I went on a 90-day treatment with Dr. Mugavero which included adjustments and physical therapy. During these 90 days I didn't have one migraine. I have been going ever since! Thank you Dr. Mugavero for all of your help! You've saved me from a life of extreme pain!

Emily C

My family and I have been going to Dr. Mugavero for the past 4 yrs. When going in for an adjustment, I'm always greeted with a smile from the receptionist, Julie. Unlike most doctors offices I've been to there has never been a wait and that's a plus. When you walk in the office you'll first notice the clean, well-lit reception area....there's always a positive feeling in the air. I want to thank Dr. Mugavero and his staff for making it a pleasure to come get my spine adjusted and leave walking out feeling great:) Thanks Dr. M!

Stephen Twombly

I have suffered with asthma for over 30 years. During that time I have always carried an inhaler in case there is an emergency. I occasionally have trouble breathing at night. Dr. Mugavero recommended the essential oil Breathe, which I used right before bed and the results were immediate and amazing. It immediately opened my lungs and I was able to sleep great. I would highly recommended Dr. Mugavero and this product to anybody with breathing issues.

Scott Beaulieu

I just finished my 13th Boston Marathon and Dr. Mugavero recommended I use Deep Blue essential oil to help my legs recover. I was amazed with the results! Thank you Dr. Mugavero for introducing me to a great product. I highly recommend it to others.

Kelly Lecours